The Chicago Reds participated in the 2017 American Subbuteo Association Nationals.

Players from nine states made it to the Grand Rapids area and the event featured six current and former Team USA World Cup members.
Open category

Mike Tillman and Dario Passadore qualified for the semifinals where they faced our own Tim Tumminaro and the favorite Daniel Cranston, respectively. In the semi-finals, Cranston defeated Passadore 5-2 and Tillman beat Tumminaro 5-1. In the championship game, Cranston beat Tillman 3-2 win and claimed his third national title and his first since 2011.
Veterans category

Our own Erik Haefke, Peter Alegi, and Paul O’Donovan Rossa reached the semifinals along with in-form Passadore. O’Donovan Rossa beat Passadore in penalty shots while Alegi edged out Haefke 4-3. In the final, O’Donovan Rossa beat Alegi 1-0 in overtime.