Templeuve United

Templeuve United was founded in 1989 by 5 teenagers ages 12 to 15 who shared the love for the game. The club has mainly focused on local activities so for the first years of existence the Templeuve players didn’t attend many national and international tournaments.

In 1996, Jean-Luc Canfin was selected to attend the FISTF World Cup in Denmark in the veterans category. In 1998, during the football World Cup in France, there was a real work done to promote the game in a shopping mall and a new club started in Tournai. Templeuve and Tournai had several good young players and several of them later on qualified for the Subbuteo World Cup in the Ladies, U19 and U15 categories. Unfortunately, the club in Tournai had to stop due to the fact they had no premises anymore and Templeuve remained the only club in the West of Belgium. Vincent Coppenolle, who was a founder of the club in 1989 and former FISTF president (2002-2010), decided to focus on local development and Templeuve became a significant leading club in the WASPA circuit.

Templeuve United TSC keeps hosting WASPA tournaments every year and a national tournament every December. Several international guests from Singapore, Italy, Malta, the US, England, and Greece have visited the premises of the club and every visit of foreign club is always something special. Due to the fact Templeuve is close to the French border, a few French players also play in the Templeuve club. The plans for the new season will be to recruit new players but we all know it’s something complicated nowadays.

You can contact Templeuve United through

Blog: http://templeuveunited.blogspot.com/

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/templeuveunited/

E-mail: vincent.cop@rsca.com